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5 Tips for Better Parenting

As soon as I hit the driveway, I ran for our bedroom, shut the door and tried to reach my husband to get the skinny. However, as an E.R. physician, he is not always reachable. He did not answer and therefore, the next several hours were exhausting. I had a come to Jesus meeting.


Deliberate Obedience

Kids. If there is one thing I would like to tell God is off-limits, it would be “Don’t touch my kids!” Seriously. You can wreck me. You can toss me around in the fire. But Lord. Oh please. Be gracious with my children.

My Adoption Journey

I wanted to share about my adoption journey, as written by my church @AustinStone. I want others to know that inwardly it was a struggle for me to listen and obey. I fought adoption for several months while my husband patiently waited and prayed….

The Little Things

Frustration. I could feel it mounting. Like coffee percolating getting ready to boil.

We wrestle. You know you do.

When things don’t go our way, we wrestle with God. Be honest. You know you do. Questions begin ping-ponging off of us towards God’s direction. “Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?”


my story continued….The power remained off for two weeks, which seemed like an eternity at the time. Bored kids. Tired mama. In the meantime, the insurance appraiser stopped by. I had extremely high expectations as rumors were flying of checks being written smack dab…

The Storm

There is a certain calmness that comes before a storm. Everyone watches in wait. Eyes are glued to the clouds looming overhead.

At least on the bright side

“Ma’am, please fill this out and take a seat over there.” I was handed a clipboard with paperwork to be completed. Could she not see I was completely exhausted? Could she not tell the kind of hellish day its already been? I just wanted…

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