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Feeling stuck in your relationship with Jesus? Come join me for an in-depth Bible study on the life of Eve, “I️ Didn’t Want To Be That Girl!” Although her name is only mentioned in four verses of Scripture, she was made infamous for her greatest debacle. We tend to blame her for our own personal dramas. Eve had everything; she lived in paradise, in a carefree, pain-free, sorrow-free world. In spite of this, she was unsatisfied, and she sinned. God, however, looked beyond her sin and pursued her as part of a bigger story. Surprisingly, He doesn’t focus on her sin but rather considered her His bride, the bride of Christ.

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Building on the story of Eve, I Didn’t Want to Be That Girl! A Look into the Life of Eve presents a Bible study designed for women and exploring a variety of topics. Author Sue Allen considers God’s silence, His goodness, our humility, our struggles with sin, and our need to learn to hear God’s voice. She also examines Godly womanhood, holiness, insecurity, motivations of the heart, restoration and forgiveness, and much, much more. This devotional offers eight weeks of personal, interactive, conversational-style Bible study with daily prompts leading to confession.

We, as women, must recognize our need for a Savior, Jesus Christ and realize that we are all sinners, saved by God’s grace, and His grace alone. Just like Eve, we didn’t want to be that girl. And despite our flawed pasts and imperfections, we have been created to be the bride of Christ.

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What IS THIS Bible Study About?

Tonya Riggle, Pastor’s Wife and Bible Study Teacher Second Baptist Church, Houston

“Through keen insight and real-life vulnerability, Sue Allen unfolds the true nature of what it means to be the bride of Christ. Whether you are happily single, contemplating marriage, or long-time espoused, her fresh wisdom will beckon you to join her in preparing your heart anew for the King of Kings. The bridegroom is coming! What a joy it is to get ready for Him together.”

April Nelson, Women’s Leadership Team Athletes in Action

“Knowing Sue and her heart to have women embrace our inheritance that we have in Christ allows me to not only put my stamp of approval on this study, but to use it in our ministry to college athletes and our staff that ministers to these athletes. Sue Allen’s desire for women to live the abundant life in Christ is immediately noticed within minutes of being in her presence. Thank you, Sue, for your passion to study the Word and your love affair with Christ.”

Jo Ann Plante, Author of Everyone Evelon

“I was skeptical about reading “I Didn’t Want to be That Girl! A Look into the Life of Eve”. I’ve never participated in a bible study and didn’t really know what it was all about. I became aware of this book through a blog site and was curious about what it was and how it was different from other books about the Bible. Sue Allen, the author, maintains a perfect balance between actual scripture passages and explanations about the material. Rather that rehash the words from the Bible, the author focuses on Eve’s part in scripture. She points out the failure of Eve’s sin, but also the hope of redemption and the love that God has for Adam and Eve, even though they sinned. I looked forward to every day of this bible study.”

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  1. Sue, it was a real pleasure getting to meet you this morning as we gathered in our Bible Study group to begin your very new study mentioned above…..I am so honored to have met you and loved listening to your life journey and how you really listened and obeyed God’s call in your own personal life! You were a true inspiration to me this morning and I treasure the journey I will be on in the coming months as I delve into this wonderful study! Thanks for creating it!
    May God continue to bless and keep you and your family!
    In God’s love, Michelle

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