How Do You Respond When God Unsettles You?

After the storm, we packed up our bags…every piece of our belongings…and moved into a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy hotel room. Five of us sandwiched in between luggage, laundry baskets, jackets, backpacks, and toys. Ready to hunker down for the next couple of months. At first, it was quite unsettling. We had waited months for an insurance adjuster to come through and it finally did (at least, partially) and SOMEHOW, this was to be our answer. Our prayers had been heard. Yet, I found myself longing for SOMETHING MORE. How in the world do you respond when God unsettles you?

God’s answers don’t always look like an answer.

Be honest…God doesn’t always do things the way we want Him too. And it’s tough. Really, it is. We yearn for God to part the Red Sea and move mountains. Strike down giants and shut the mouth of lions. Driveaway the Enemy and free us from captivity. Cast out demons and raise people from the dead. It’s cool when God does super-hero kind of things!

But…what do we do when we don’t like God’s answer? How do we respond when we slam our pretty lil’ heads against a closed door? What do you do when things don’t go our way?

In that small space, I could hear EVERYTHING my kids were saying and doing. All privacy was now in complete disarray. The desk space for homework was minimal. Fighting. Disaccord. Yep…we had ourselves some. How in the world could this possibly be for my good?

Maybe you can relate.

A move.

A loss.

A storm.

Marital problems.

Rebellious teens.

Just to name a few. Certain seasons in this lifetime are challenging. It isn’t fun when God unsettles you. In fact, it is down-right hard. But look at what Jesus does in the midst of the storm in Matthew 8. He is sound asleep! Taking a good ole’ snooze while everyone else is running around in a tizzy because the winds have picked up and the water is getting high. At the heat of the moment, what does Jesus say?

And they went and woke him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing.”  And he said to them, Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” Matthew 8: 25-26

Oh, my little faith.

If you find yourself unsettled…
  • Go to the Lord in prayer. He sees and He listens and He understands.
  • Remind yourself of God’s faithfulness in the past.
  • Set your thoughts on eternity. It will be better. It will be AMAZING!
  • Believe God will work your situation out for good…SOMEWAY, SOMEHOW. 

You see, I find myself struggling today, too. My best friend is moving away. The thought of her absence brings me to tears and I get this queasy feeling inside. I don’t want her to move. It makes me sad. At this very moment, I don’t know why God would move her away. But…authentic faith comes without seeing. Faith comes by believing. Let’s believe God together today.

Best Friend
I’m going to miss you, sweet friend!

When God unsettles you, He is asking you to take a step of faith. In what areas do you need to take the leap?