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Hi! I’m Sue A. Allen…and I am so glad you are here!

I love Jesus! Over the past 20+ years, I️ have equipped women to be in the Word by teaching within my local church. There is nothing that sets my heart ablaze like seeing women develop a personal, intimate relationship with God. He is real and is worth living for! When others begin to believe this truth, their lives become contagious and the Gospel is spread. I️’m kind of a junkie and can’t seem to get enough of watching God work in other people’s lives.

adopted chosen loved Comerson
My adorable adopted Haitian son who has an AMAZING story of God’s redemption!
Passion for Equipping Women

Writing has become a more recent passion as I️ live with purpose to equip women to pursue Jesus with their heart, soul, and mind. I️ am an avid story-teller and enjoy making the Bible come alive, crossing the planes of 2,000 years to our modern day. As an average-English student, I️ never would’ve imagined that one day I️ would become a blogger, author, and speaker. Truly, if God can do this in me, He can do anything! In 2016, my first Bible study titled, “I Didn’t Want to be That Girl!“, was published with Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson.

Sue_A_Allen Family
Best-selling author Sue A Allen and her precious family
Passion for Unreached People Groups

I️ am married to my best friend, Dr. Coby Allen, a Pediatric Infectious Disease and Emergency Room Physician, and an adventurer at heart. God has blessed us in abundance with four amazing kids, ranging in age from eight to twenty-three. The youngest one became a part of our forever family through adoption, and we continue to strongly advocate for children who need a home. With a passion “for every tongue, tribe, and nation” to know God, we help mobilize believers to be missional. Our mission work has spanned the globe…from the Navajo Indian Reservation, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Haiti, Sri Lanka, India and more.

Dr. Coby Allen at St. Damien's Hospital in Port au Prince Haiti
Dr. Coby Allen at St. Damien’s Hospital in Port au Prince Haiti

My underlying message is that God is real and desires for us to know Him. He sees you and accepts you and loves you and has a purpose for you! And I️ love you too! I️’m just an average girl who has seen God do great & mighty things and more than anything, I️ would love for you to catch a glimpse of what God can do through you. Will you jump in?

Looking forward to spending time with you,
Sue A Allen
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  1. Sue, wanted you to know that I absolutely loved the bible study!! God has blessed you with such a great ability to see His Word surrounding us in all of our everyday life, and then to be able to make it so relatable to everyone. Praying that God gives you the inspiration and insight to keep writing! Love the family picture with your new little guy!
    Blessings, Karen

    1. Thank you Karen! I love writing..and pray God will continue to open doors for me to share it. Thanks for the encouraging words.
      God bless, Sue

  2. Hi Sue! I’ve read a bit of your blog and I would really like to talk to you about the Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach! I work in the PICU there at Dell and have been wanting to participate in some type of Christian medical mission. I would love to hear if there is an opportunity to serve!

  3. We had the pleasure of having Sue speak at our Ladies retreat this past weekend. Sue put together and incredible three sessions , small group break-outs and a devotional. We were inspired, challenged and convicted by her words and stories. We laughed, we cried, and we were changed. I believe the ladies at Westland Baptist will be forever changed by having attended this event led by Sue! If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, we highly recommend Sue!

  4. You are the “real deal”! I have heard several stories from the Women of Westland that heard a “specific” Word from the Lord as you spoke at our Fall Retreat. You surely have a huge gift to communicate God’s truth. I know that everyone of us experienced some nugget of “life-change” through you. Thank you for sharing your story of surrendering to God’s plan. It is an amazing illustration of what God can and will do in our obedience. Thanks for sacrificing your weekend to hang out with us. We love you, Sue!

  5. Sue, I am reading your blog for the first time today. I have 4 biological children and an adopted one. I stepped out in edgy obedience and started a blog. I ran right back in! God would not allow me to stay there. I am out again. : ) Please stop by and take a look. Real Moms Don’t Judge http://www.realmomsdontjudge.com I am looking forward to getting to know you.

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