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Be Present

I wonder what would happen if we put our phones away. Stop obsessing with who’s who and Hollywood. Put aside politics and the daily news. And rather…start looking across the table. Listening to what is being said.


I need ideas. How do you love others well? What does this look like day-to-day?

Day 5 – Keep the Peace

Have you recently been wronged? Are you in a stuck place, wrestling with anger & bitterness? Look with me at Paul’s example in pursuing forgiveness.

How to Live the Perfect Life

Although most of us would never admit it, inside of us is a deeply rooted desire to be perfect. How often is perfection discussed, written about, or brought up in everyday conversation? The results may astonish you. According to our friend google, about 1,830,000,000 results….

How to Love your Frenemy

This is gonna be one of those days when you hear some raw, yet vulnerable, confession. I am struggling here and admit, I need help. It seems like even when you are minding your own business, someone can enter your peaceful little world and…

The Importance of Confession and Forgiveness in Marriage

You can get to a place of forgiveness by reminding yourself that “You mess up too.” We all do. We all are messes needing a Saviour.


In marriage, anger is a silent (and sometimes a not-so-silent) killer. Anger can come in many shapes and sizes, and slide itself easily under the rug. Maybe we think we have our anger under control and yet, it is smoldering like a steam engine about to roar.

Something Went Terribly Awry

#mystory continued…Despite our waywardness and misplaced longings, God is still smitten with us. Even those of us who think we don’t matter. The ones who nobody seems to see. God notices. He cares. You must believe me, God loves you. He does. When we…

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