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It Pleases God To Do You Good

Waiting is an essential ingredient to the process of prayer. When we fail to see prayer as a process rather than an end result, we become discouraged and frustrated and downright mad. It is during this time that many of us drop-out. We forget about the importance of prayer. We begin to think that God is not there. Prayer is useless. It is a … Read More It Pleases God To Do You Good


Something Went Terribly Awry

#mystory continued…Despite our waywardness and misplaced longings, God is still smitten with us. Even those of us who think we don’t matter. The ones who nobody seems to see. God notices. He cares. You must believe me, God loves you. He does. When we run the other way, He patiently waits for our return. When we fall, He picks us up. When we stumble, … Read More Something Went Terribly Awry

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