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DAY 27 – What Matters Most to You, and Why?

What are you living for? Why does it matter? #question #meaningoflife #whyareyouhere #lookingforpurpose


Day 18 – The Generosity of Grace

Have you ever thought God has given up on you? Possibly thinking He has better things to do? More talented people to use? Perhaps you think you have nothing to offer…too old, too young, too tired, too poor.


Day 8 – You are a Minister

How can you be a minister today? Share some love…and be a light?


Day 1 – He Calls You Holy

God calls the messy, broken, wayward, sinful Corinthians “holy.” He didn’t look at their past, but rather saw their potential. He always has a greater perspective than we can ever imagine!


The Testing of our Faith

It is easy to become distraught at the world around us, but as believers we have something more to hold on to!


What is required to be Christlike?

“The job of a football coach is to make men do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve what they’ve always wanted to be.” Tom Landry  The same could be said of Christianity! It will take some work. Elbow grease will be required. If we want to look more like Jesus, it will require from us spiritual discipline. Things like reading … Read More What is required to be Christlike?

Happy Easter!

May we be reminded that our Savior is risen. He is not dead! No grave could hold him in the ground. He reigns on high…and is worth living for. You are loved by God Himself! Sue


Can Suffering be for our Good?

It is never fun or easy to journey through difficult situations; however, God recently changed my attitude. Even in the murky waters, I can learn something about God. This light & momentary affliction is preparing me for the eternal weight of glory! Read more…


How do you handle your sin?

We are wired to try harder. Accomplishing the impossible makes us feel good. We like the feeling of being in control.


Why Helping Others is More About Faith than Finances

As many of you are aware, Haiti is the birthplace of our adopted son, Comerson. As a result, this fifth-world country has captured a piece of our heart. But quite honestly, the bond goes much deeper. The people here are much like you and me.       They love family and friends and go out of their way to care for each other. … Read More Why Helping Others is More About Faith than Finances


Who says “Quiet Time” has to be quiet?

I have to admit, I can be pretty set in my ways. Recently, God showed me that I need to be more open minded about my daily quiet time. It doesn’t need to be at a set time, in a certain location, or even look like everyone else’s. My time with God can happen all day long…even in the midst of my chaos.


A New Take on Prayer Journaling

God has been teaching me a lot about my prayer life…and I wanted to share a glimpse with you.

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