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Day 26 – Why Do We Wander?

Paul is begging the Corinthian church to get back on track and to resist the alluring tide of false teaching that so easily sweeps one away.  The Corinthians are being derailed by intellectualism and performance-based Christianity. They were stuck in a comparison trap of…

Day 2 – He Will Comfort

Do you have a hard time trusting God? Maybe it’s because not everything is going “just right.” You’re not alone. We often think our lives should be mapped out a certain, pain-free way, but God often takes us on a different course…

Does God Still Answer Prayer?

Are you waiting for God to answer your prayer? Do you doubt that God will prevail?

I Want More!

  As I stand in our driveway nonchalantly watching as my son swings nearby, I can’t help but notice my neighbor pull into the driveway in a brand spankin’ new car. It’s white and sparkling, not a dent anywhere. I can only imagine the…

How Hope Trumps Failure

The God we serve is different than any other. He loves you despite your sin, shortcomings, wrinkles, and fat cells. He loves you on bad hair days, and good ones too. Read more…

How do we renew our mind?

This week has been filled with broken things. A broken windshield. A leaky kitchen faucet. A car that won’t work. It’s obvious…we live in a broken world. Despite our brokenness, God reveals who He is. We can experience the fullness of God. Read more…

What’s in Your Way?

New Blog Post Today…Being completely honest here, I like it when everything is okay. But God uses people and circumstances to reveal this thing called flesh. It’s not the prettiest sight.

Where is your Hope?

It has been an especially long summer. I found myself waiting and longing to take a much-needed family vacation. My longings grew as I scrolled through pictures on Facebook and Instagram of friends and family, jealously wishing I could be where they are. On…

Is Temptation a Good Thing?

A temptation becomes sin when we surrender to our own evil desires. Unless it is enticing, it has no pull.

Why Does it Feel like Someone is after Me?

There is something good happening when all seems to be failing.

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