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Advent Day 22: Why Were the Shepherds the First to Know?

There are many days that I feel extremely ordinary, or better said, unnoticed. I do my best when it comes to keeping my house neat and tidy, folding laundry, and toting my kiddos around. On an average night, my meals consist of mac &…

Advent Day 12: A Success Story You Will Never Believe

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There are seasons in life when it seems like nothing is going right. The bills stack high. Relationships grow tense. Your dreams fade in the moonlight. I love how God knows all the seasons and has a purpose in each one of them. Read…

Be Present

I wonder what would happen if we put our phones away. Stop obsessing with who’s who and Hollywood. Put aside politics and the daily news. And rather…start looking across the table. Listening to what is being said.

Day 32 – All For Your Upbuilding, Beloved

Have we lost this in the church today? A sense of deep community where we are invested in the lives of others over the long-haul. Have we lost this in our community? A desire to know others so that they can know God. Have we lost this in our own families? A passion to see others pursue God with all of their heart, strength, and soul. 

Prayer Gone Wrong

Are you praying the right way? Do you want God to answer your prayers? Read more…

When My Faith is Frail

      I’m feeling terrible—I couldn’t feel worse!     Get me on my feet again. You promised, remember? When I told my story, you responded;     train me well in your deep wisdom. Help me understand these things inside and out     so I can ponder…


Puzzling. I know. I have tried to read into what God is doing, scratched my head a few times and even bent over backwards to try to discern the voice of God. Honestly, it’s not all that simple. Sure…it would be great if God…

No Regrets

Paul instructs us to be careful how we walk. Living a life of sin is the norm…so how do we live counter-culturally? It all boils down to whether or not we will choose to be God-directed or self-directed. Who is going to run the show?

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Happy Mother’s Day! As I look into a mirror, I can see why I’ve been told countless times “You are your mother’s daughter.” There are these features in my face–my eyes, my smile–that resemble those of my mother. They have been passed down to…

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