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Advent Day 25: Merry Christmas!

Advent Day 24: Who can fulfill your every longing?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

I have enjoyed digging into God’s Word with you during the month of December! My prayer is that you discover Jesus is the reason for this season. Not only today…but every day. He gives us purpose and meaning in life. Because of his birth,…

Advent Day 5: The Depravity of Man

Read Genesis 3:1-7. Our first real encounter with Eve occurs in the Garden of Eden. She is approached by a “serpent who is more crafty than any other beast in the field” (v.1). Here’s what “Crafty” does NOT mean: His favorite store was Michael’s…

Day 30 – When We Are Weak, He is Strong

How has God’s grace been sufficient for you? How is His power made perfect in weakness?

Day 5 – Keep the Peace

Have you recently been wronged? Are you in a stuck place, wrestling with anger & bitterness? Look with me at Paul’s example in pursuing forgiveness.

How to Avoid the Holiday Hustle and Bustle

You’re in. Sold out. You want to give God your everything. But something within you begs the question, “Now what? What does that mean? How do I know I’m doing what God wants me to do?” Read more…

Can Suffering be for our Good?

It is never fun or easy to journey through difficult situations; however, God recently changed my attitude. Even in the murky waters, I can learn something about God. This light & momentary affliction is preparing me for the eternal weight of glory! Read more…

3 Steps to Overcome Worry

There is never a shortage of things to worry about. Turn on the news and it is easy to get caught up. Will this happen to me? How will I respond? And suddenly, we are in way over our head. Our thoughts run rampant, projecting someone else’s crisis as our own.

7 Things God Wants You to Know

Many times we experience closeness to God in the midst of our adversity. It is during these times that we experience God in a whole, new way.

God is Able

“The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.” Psalm 19:1-3 I’ve come…

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