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Day 13 – A New Creation

Do I live like I believe that I have been made new? Do I truly believe Jesus can change me? And even more so, do I believe Jesus can change all the testy people around me?

10 Must-Read Lessons from Motherhood

But truth be told, I’ve probably learned more from swapping up spilled milk and sitting in traffic as I carpool little ones to-and-fro. Read more…

Hey Mom, You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

  We drove up to school and as I glanced back through my rear view window, I noticed that his shirt is splattered with ketchup. My son. He loves ketchup. Red. Messy gunk. Smeared everywhere. It is considered a household staple. We eat it…

Will you choose Jesus today?

I am in the middle of teaching a Bible study to the women at my church. We are studying the life of two sisters named Mary and Martha. One thing I have learned over the years is that whatever I am about to teach…God…

Are you All In?

Hop on over to my guest blog, “Are you All In?” at www.liftupyourday.com. Hope you enjoy the reading and are challenged to give God your everything.

What Are You Scraping Off?

I wonder if America could change if we started to live this way.

How to Live a Better Day

Paul gently reminds us that our problems are light and momentary. And when we look beyond our circumstances by fixing our eyes on heaven, we see what really matters.

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