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Advent Day 24: Who can fulfill your every longing?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

I have enjoyed digging into God’s Word with you during the month of December! My prayer is that you discover Jesus is the reason for this season. Not only today…but every day. He gives us purpose and meaning in life. Because of his birth,…

Advent Day 14: Oh Lord my God When I in Awesome Wonder

What are you struggling with today? Is God big enough in your eyes? Are have you made Him too small?

Day 7 Advent: Deck the Halls with JOY

Have you lost hope because of hardship? Are your prayers less than they should be? Have you forgotten about God in this very moment, as you scurry and worry about?

Now What?

Stop. Look. and Listen. Facing a crossroad in your life? Take time to ask God for which way you should go.

Happy Friday!

“Often, we do everything but pray. We tend to want something more “substantial.” Even studying the Bible, going to church, talking to the pastor, or receiving counsel seems more tangible than prayer. What victory the enemy has in winning us over to prayerlessness! He would…

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