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Advent Day 14: Oh Lord my God When I in Awesome Wonder

What are you struggling with today? Is God big enough in your eyes? Are have you made Him too small?

Day 30 – When We Are Weak, He is Strong

How has God’s grace been sufficient for you? How is His power made perfect in weakness?

How Hope Trumps Failure

The God we serve is different than any other. He loves you despite your sin, shortcomings, wrinkles, and fat cells. He loves you on bad hair days, and good ones too. Read more…

Hey God, Why am I Here?

There is a beauty, a splendor, a brightness about a person who deeply loves God because it becomes evident to everyone around them. The glory of God comes shining through.

Need a Facelift?

The best fairy tales teach you about life. They are more than just childhood capers and a fight against good vs. evil. In the famous Disney movie titled The Beauty and the Beast, we are shown how an unlovable monster become loveable. People can change when they…

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