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Advent Day 3: And God Said

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God can accomplish anything He sets His mind to….which leaves me pretty much speechless. I can’t even find matching socks. Read more…

Advent Day 2: The Story Revealed

It is important for us to understand that our God is bigger than us. He is bigger than our problems, our pain, our suffering, and our doubts. Read more…

Day 13 – A New Creation

Do I live like I believe that I have been made new? Do I truly believe Jesus can change me? And even more so, do I believe Jesus can change all the testy people around me?

3 Things Every Believer Needs to Know

Every once in awhile, I am awestruck at the intricate creativity of God. As I take a glance out my window, I behold the wonder of God. The unfortunate thing…is that I often fail to see. I fail to take a look out the…

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