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I think many of us wonder why God isn’t doing anything in our lives…and maybe, just maybe…it’s because we are saying “No” to the things God is asking us to do.

Tell Me Something Good: 10 Promises Found in Scripture

The promises…there are many…and sometimes we need to remember. That the God we serve has offered us a plenty.

Did You Get on the Bus, Gus?

Our rambunctious 3-year old keeps begging us to ride a bus. Repeatedly. Like non-stop, if you know what I mean. Everyday he sits and waits for his big brother to arrive home from school on a bright, yellow school bus. When we are out…

How Do We Wait in this Crazy World?

You are waiting for test results. You are dying for something…anything…to change.

Yet others are wondering, “God, are you even real?”

Rest for a Weary Soul

Rest for our weary souls, something God ordained from the very beginning. Afterall, was it not God Himself who instructed us to rest? Was it not God who created us in such a way…with bodies that need time to recoup and reflect? God created…


When we catch a glimpse of our ugliness, we are amazingly humbled to see the glory of God in a brand new light. When our eyes are opened to the horror within and instead, turned to the hope of glory, God is at work.


Jesus gives this woman exactly what she needs…a drink of living water. Maybe it is time for you to go to the well. When was the last time you took a drink?

Seize the Day

It’s another rainy, dreary day here in #ATX…one of the wettest winters on record. This outdoor chick is tired of being a soggy mess wherever she wanders. Apparently Punxsutawney Phil, more familiarly known Mr. Groundhog, doesn’t agree. He is looking forward to six more…

Choose Joy

I remember marveling one day at the parenting skills of my sister-in-law with her young toddler. When she foresaw her son about to make a poor choice, she quickly piped in, “Do you want to make a bad choice or a good choice?” The…

What’s in Your Box?

It’s easy to want a God whom we can contain and feel comfortable with. For this very reason, we place God in a box.  We want a God whom we worship on Sundays and can stuff away in a box for the remainder of the week. We place…

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