what if you were willing to do more-

I never imagined in a million years that God would lead our family to adoption. At the age of 44, mind you. I had my life planned. I had visions of the easy life floating around in my head. I thought in the next ten years my kids would go off to college and finally I could sit back and coast, lounging by the pool and traveling the world. Living life my way.

God doesn’t always work according to our plans

God had a different agenda. One Sunday in church our pastor challenged us to do more. To do more because we have been blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12:3). A few months later I found myself bogged down in the busyness of adoption paperwork, feeling God’s call to adopt from Haiti. I assumed we had now completed our Christian duty and could resume a normal life.

God’s plans are always greater than we can fathom



My husband, Dr. Coby Allen, stitching a patient after a motorcycle accident

Nine months later, my husband was asked to open a medical clinic in the rural village of Neply, Haiti. You’ve probably never heard of it–just a speck on the map. We had no idea such an ordinary family could do something more. We were overwhelmed that an extraordinary God would even want to use us.

But we serve a God who doesn’t live by our rules. He sees us for our potential. 
Today, my husband and I are on the board of an organization called myLIFEspeaks. In 2013, we founded Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach (DCMGO) for the purpose of providing medical care and training to persons living in undeveloped countries. We send doctors to impoverished areas to provide training, medical care, and much-needed medications. Additionally, we fully fund a prenatal program, large feeding program, HIV screening, and outpatient clinic in rural Haiti.


When medical treatment is unavailable in an impoverished country, we seek medical care here in the United States. Currently, we are treating Rachel from Rwanda. After battling meningitis, her surgeons in Africa had filled her brain with cement. Thankfully, we were able to bring her to the states for medical care and she is making wonderful progress.


For more of her story, please visit our facebook page by clicking HERE.

We also are treating a girl from Haiti, pictured below with Dr. Ric Bonnell and her father. She has a large vascular malformation in her leg and has been undergoing treatment at Dell Children’s Hospital for the past eighteen months.

Dr. Ric Bonnell, Ruth and her father, Moliere


I wonder what would happen if you started believing God could use you?

If you would like to help us continue this great work (and we hope you do!), please click HERE (you will need to select Global Outreach Programs in the drop-down box). THANK YOU!

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  1. my life speaks map diw mèsi paske ou fè yon gwo pogram pou tout timoun ak tout granmoun nepli e nou pap janm bouke diw mèsi bondye renmenw e map tou jou priye bondye pou my life spkeaks fè plis toujou keletènèl beni ou plis.


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