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Until we recognize the blessedness of being wholly dependent on God, we won’t live with the abundance that is available to us….read more.

Prayer Gone Wrong

Are you praying the right way? Do you want God to answer your prayers? Read more…

The Biggest Mistake Made in Prayer

God is capable of doing “far more abundantly than we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). Why then, should we tell Him how? Read more…

Do You Find it Difficult to Pray?

What we say. When we say. How we say. This is not the main point here…the point is that we say. Period. That we say prayers to God our heavenly Father and keep in constant communion with Him…

Does God Still Answer Prayer?

Are you waiting for God to answer your prayer? Do you doubt that God will prevail?

Who says “Quiet Time” has to be quiet?

I have to admit, I can be pretty set in my ways. Recently, God showed me that I need to be more open minded about my daily quiet time. It doesn’t need to be at a set time, in a certain location, or even look like everyone else’s. My time with God can happen all day long…even in the midst of my chaos.

A New Take on Prayer Journaling

God has been teaching me a lot about my prayer life…and I wanted to share a glimpse with you.

What does it mean to pray “Thy Will be Done?”

Jesus said these words to teach us that prayer is not just about the words said, but more so, about the condition of our heart. Prayer is the means by which we see the power of God intervene with our everyday situations.

Why Does God Command Us to Be Still?

But maybe there’s something bigger going on that we don’t readily see. Maybe we take comfort in our busyness because we don’t want to Just Be.

What can you learn from a puppy and a toddler?

We got a puppy for Christmas…thinking it would be a good idea. I think the jury is still out. Especially since I am the one who wakes up to take her outside when the whimpering becomes overwhelming. Plus, there are these sharp spikes protruding…

Why Do We Struggle to Find the Bright Side?

Continuation of #mystory “How Do We Handle Suffering?“ It was a hot, summer day in August with the heat beating down. That time in summer when you just can’t seem to take it anymore. You’re tired of entertaining kids from months on end. You’re…

4 Reasons We Stand in the Gap

I recall the first time a dear friend stated, “I’m standing in the gap for you.” I had no idea what she meant. To me, The Gap was a store.

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