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Can I Love God More Than Anything Else?

What lesson can we learn from the book of Job? We can learn that it is possible to love God more than the things of this world!


Are You Feeling Down?

Funny how a bad haircut…or a zit…or a smart-aleck comment…or 5 extra pounds…can utterly destroy you.


If Jesus had a #, What Would it Be?

If I had to guess…and it truly is only a guess…I would venture to say that a lot of people would give Jesus the #LOVE. Like if you and I were playing Family Feud, it would end up in the top 5 “People Said” categories. From the time we were young’uns, we have had it drilled into us, “Jesus loves you….this I know…for the … Read More If Jesus had a #, What Would it Be?


Amazing Love

It takes the good, bad and ugly to truly appreciate God’s goodness.

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