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Day 21 – Are You Living Your Call?

Do you have any unfinished business? Have you lacked the resolve to carry it through?

Day 11 – Waiting to go Home

Many of us feel at odds when we consider “What will happen when I die?” We don’t think longingly about heaven because we’re not intimate with Jesus right now. Instead of our future home bringing us comfort, it seems like a far-off land. 

Why Can’t Things Just be Normal?

May we be reminded: the Enemy is sly. He uses everyday situations and ordinary people to get us derailed.

When You See the Headline: “4 Dead, 5 Children Life-Flighted to Hospital”…you know it’s gonna be a very bad day

I feel the Holy Spirit pointing out my downcast, complaining attitude when I don’t feel 100%. When I don’t get my way. When my kids don’t listen to me. When my fast food isn’t fast. When the driver ahead of me is an idiot. Oh Lord, forgive me please.

Will You Wait for Me?

Grocery store lists. Everyday chores. Kids running amok and a more. Last minutes to-do’s. And traffic a zoo. No wonder we don’t get anything done.

Next Please

Many of us wish we could see around the next bend. However, would life be so enchanting without the element of surprise?

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