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Day 19 – Why Are We Afraid to Give?

Why are we reluctant when it comes to giving? What gets in our way? What holds us back?

Why Helping Others is More About Faith than Finances

As many of you are aware, Haiti is the birthplace of our adopted son, Comerson. As a result, this fifth-world country has captured a piece of our heart. But quite honestly, the bond goes much deeper. The people here are much like you and…

New Website for DCMGO!

I have super exciting news to share with you…my hubby has a new website up and running to tell you about all the cool medical mission trips that are happening via Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach. Many of you know about our passion for…

What Are You Scraping Off?

I wonder if America could change if we started to live this way.

How One Woman Changed Her Mind About Missions

For me, it was the fact that one of the hardest experiences I had while I was on mission in Haiti was actually one of the best, and I’ve struggled with dichotomy ever since.

Is More Really More?

The American Dream. Big house. Nice cars. Bank full of money. Properity. Success.  Is it worth living for? One man once said… “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class…


Are you facing a difficult time? Listen up…here is what God has to say.

Why Every Believer Should Go On A Mission Trip

In just a few weeks, my husband and I will be taking a team of 31 people from our home church to Haiti for a short-term missions trip. Although mission trips are not new to me, I still am feeling a bit anxious. There…

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