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Day 30 – When We Are Weak, He is Strong

How has God’s grace been sufficient for you? How is His power made perfect in weakness?

Day 18 – The Generosity of Grace

Have you ever thought God has given up on you? Possibly thinking He has better things to do? More talented people to use? Perhaps you think you have nothing to offer…too old, too young, too tired, too poor.

Day 13 – A New Creation

Do I live like I believe that I have been made new? Do I truly believe Jesus can change me? And even more so, do I believe Jesus can change all the testy people around me?

5 Tips for Christmas

So, I’ve been thinking (which is a bit of a rarity around here)…go ahead and take a breath and allow yourself to relax, chill a bit, and truly enjoy this holiday season.

3 Reasons to Spend Time in God’s Word

Whew! It has been a humdinger of a week. Many of us have been in a somber mood after the horrific San Bernardino shooting. Personally, the news reportings have been on the forefront of my mind. How then can we get back into the…

Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s here! The Christmas cra cra has begun! And with it comes a wide-range of emotions. For some, ecstatic excitement to ring in the holidays filled with parties and plenty of cheer. While others are moaning about all the festivities and much rather be sitting…


As parents, we are all on the same team. Trying to raise conscientious, courteous and well-rounded kiddos. However, not every day looks entirely picture perfect (and unfortunately, I am having one of those days). So here is my gift of wishes to you, my…


Jesus gives this woman exactly what she needs…a drink of living water. Maybe it is time for you to go to the well. When was the last time you took a drink?

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