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Do you Live a Life of Worship?

Is worship mean more to you than merely attending church and singing Christian songs? True worship can take place anywhere, anytime. True worship means living a life engaged in God’s presence.


Hang on

The Greek word for goodness is agathosume. It is more than an excellence of character; it is character energized by expressing itself in benevolent and active goodness. The fruit of the Spirit referred to as goodness is like kindness on steroids. It is everything that kindness is and represents, but one step more. It has an edge. It is extremely active. It doesn’t sit back … Read More Hang on


Avoiding Burn Out

We often lose sight of God. It is so tempting to get caught up in the doing that we miss out on the seeing & hearing. For years, I just did what everyone else was doing. If I had a friend working in the nursery, then I would follow there. If everyone was helping out in Sunday school, then I wanted to be a part of … Read More Avoiding Burn Out



Shhh! This is a surprise for my husband. It is the first little shirt I bought for our to-be-adopted son. You see, I am 27 months pregnant and I haven’t bought a thing. There has been this hesitation inside me. When you are adopting from Haiti, as we are, there is this long, difficult wait. You really have no idea how long you will … Read More Shhh!

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