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Day 31 – Go the Extra Mile

Have you ever loved someone so much that you feel spent? Empty? You pour out. You give. You love them to your utter core. And yet, there is barely a heartbeat in response. You can feel the pain of Paul today in our text, 2 Cor. 12:11-18. Paul has tirelessly given of his time and energy to woo the heart of the Corinthians back … Read More Day 31 – Go the Extra Mile


Day 17 – What is Godly Sorrow?

What is godly sorrow? Why is it such a big deal?


Day 10 – Treasure in Jars of Clay

Friends, I LOVE this text! And it’s Friday after a long, long week. Please take some time to be in God’s Word, because it will give you strength…


Day 9 – Let Light Shine Out of Darkness

A few months ago I traveled with some close friends to one of my favorite places…a small, quaint village smuggled in the middle of sugar cane fields located in rural Haiti. You can see the mountain range off in the distance, and an occasional ocean breeze from the nearby beach. Children laughing. People cooking. Cows mooing. Roosters crowing. This is the place many call … Read More Day 9 – Let Light Shine Out of Darkness


It Pleases God To Do You Good

Waiting is an essential ingredient to the process of prayer. When we fail to see prayer as a process rather than an end result, we become discouraged and frustrated and downright mad. It is during this time that many of us drop-out. We forget about the importance of prayer. We begin to think that God is not there. Prayer is useless. It is a … Read More It Pleases God To Do You Good


Prayer Gone Wrong

Are you praying the right way? Do you want God to answer your prayers? Read more…


The Biggest Mistake Made in Prayer

God is capable of doing “far more abundantly than we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). Why then, should we tell Him how? Read more…


Why Your Business is God’s Business

We have the tendency to live this life segmented. One day a week we give to Jesus, the other six we consider all ours. However, God wants to penetrate every bit and piece of us. Read more…


The Ultimate Cheatsheet on Contentment

As Jesus becomes bigger in our lives, our struggles and pains grow smaller. Our perspective changes as we begin to understand who God is and what He has in store. Being led by the Holy Spirit, we discover contentment and peace that this world cannot provide. But we must experience God in the dark places of our soul. We must come to know God by allowing … Read More The Ultimate Cheatsheet on Contentment

How to Experience More of God

Check out my guest blog today over at I know many of us say we want to experience more of God in our lives, but what are we actually doing about it? Are we being proactive in our pursuit of God? Read more by clicking HERE.


Boy, That was Stupid!

I know I’ve been a bit absent as of late. My blogs have become fewer and far between. Yes, it’s summer. Yes, I’ve been spending more time with my kids. But last week was a tad more unique. I haven’t been galavanting around the country. Vacation hasn’t yet knocked on my door. And I know that some of you are making me quite jealous as … Read More Boy, That was Stupid!


Do you know forgiveness?

When you discover the gravity of your own sin and come to realize what Jesus has done for ya…it wakes you up to the reality of MERCY. A game changer.

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