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I need ideas. How do you love others well? What does this look like day-to-day?

Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Love your Frenemy

This is gonna be one of those days when you hear some raw, yet vulnerable, confession. I am struggling here and admit, I need help. It seems like even when you are minding your own business, someone can enter your peaceful little world and…

Onions. I never liked them anyways.

Out of nowhere, you could see glimpses of God’s mercy. His presence was apparent when I opened my eyes to behold.


Think for a moment of someone who has spoken life into you. What was said that made such a difference? Was it their impeccable timing? Or their desire to bring out the best in you?

It’s Getting Old

It’s getting old. Chikagunya, that is. It’s day 10 and I really thought I would feel completely back to normal by now. But I don’t. I have pain in my hands and knees. Nothing like it used to be–but certainly not normal, either. I…

Life in Haiti

On Saturday, I returned from a missions trip to Haiti. I came back a bit beaten up this go around as my body is continuing to recover from the chikagunya virus, a mosquito transmitted virus. I can’t seem to quite shake it from my…

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