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Where Have all the Nice People Gone?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Importance of Confession and Forgiveness in Marriage

You can get to a place of forgiveness by reminding yourself that “You mess up too.” We all do. We all are messes needing a Saviour.

What can you learn from a puppy and a toddler?

We got a puppy for Christmas…thinking it would be a good idea. I think the jury is still out. Especially since I am the one who wakes up to take her outside when the whimpering becomes overwhelming. Plus, there are these sharp spikes protruding…

5 Tips for Christmas

So, I’ve been thinking (which is a bit of a rarity around here)…go ahead and take a breath and allow yourself to relax, chill a bit, and truly enjoy this holiday season.


Whatever summer plans you have…take Jesus with you. Make Him in a priority in whatever you do.

Did You Get on the Bus, Gus?

Our rambunctious 3-year old keeps begging us to ride a bus. Repeatedly. Like non-stop, if you know what I mean. Everyday he sits and waits for his big brother to arrive home from school on a bright, yellow school bus. When we are out…


As parents, we are all on the same team. Trying to raise conscientious, courteous and well-rounded kiddos. However, not every day looks entirely picture perfect (and unfortunately, I am having one of those days). So here is my gift of wishes to you, my…

My Adoption Journey

I wanted to share about my adoption journey, as written by my church @AustinStone. I want others to know that inwardly it was a struggle for me to listen and obey. I fought adoption for several months while my husband patiently waited and prayed….

Black Out

There come times in life where we don’t know how we manage. Looking back, I can barely remember a thing.

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