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Day 14 – You Have Something to Give

I want to encourage you today to reach out to someone who has spurred you on to keep going. I bet they don’t hear the simple words “thank you” often enough. Who is that person for you?

Day 10 – Treasure in Jars of Clay

Friends, I LOVE this text! And it’s Friday after a long, long week. Please take some time to be in God’s Word, because it will give you strength…

Day 9 – Let Light Shine Out of Darkness

A few months ago I traveled with some close friends to one of my favorite places…a small, quaint village smuggled in the middle of sugar cane fields located in rural Haiti. You can see the mountain range off in the distance, and an occasional…

Friday Reminder

God wants you to tilt your head up for a moment to see that there is a bigger story unfolding right now. An eternal story is taking shape, in which you have a role. There is more going on then whiny kids and temper-tantrums…

How To Survive Difficult Circumstances

Jesus was enough. He still is enough. He will always be enough.

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