How Do We Wait in this Crazy World?

You are waiting for test results. You are dying for something…anything…to change.

Yet others are wondering, “God, are you even real?”

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10 Verses to Fight Discouragement

Sooner or later we all hit a patch of discouragement. Webster defines it as, “a loss of confidence or enthusiasm.” I think of it more as a “I want to stay in bed, watch a movie and drown my sorrows in┬áchocolate.” I’m just sayin’. So, if you find yourself stuck in this pickle, please remind…

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my story continued….The power remained off for two weeks, which seemed like an eternity at the time. Bored kids. Tired mama. In the meantime, the insurance appraiser stopped by. I had extremely high expectations as rumors were flying of checks being written smack dab in people’s driveways. There appeared to be an insurgence of immediacy…

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