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Day 9 – Let Light Shine Out of Darkness

A few months ago I traveled with some close friends to one of my favorite places…a small, quaint village smuggled in the middle of sugar cane fields located in rural Haiti. You can see the mountain range off in the distance, and an occasional ocean breeze from the nearby beach. Children laughing. People cooking. Cows mooing. Roosters crowing. This is the place many call … Read More Day 9 – Let Light Shine Out of Darkness


Day 4 – Build a Firm Foundation

It’s easy to lose our bearings and start clinging to the things of this world. Things we can touch with our hands and see with our eyes. Today we see Paul urging the Corinthians to stand firm. Let’s join him for the ride…


How Do We Handle Suffering?

Pain. Suffering. Injustice. Sickness. War. Death. We struggle to wrap our arms around the tragedies of this world. It is a paradox that we live in. How can a loving God allow such deep pain and sorrow? If God cares, why does He seem despondent?  But one must not look far into the pages of Scripture for an answer. We see stories of murder, … Read More How Do We Handle Suffering?



I want to live like Jesus. I hope that I willingly surrender in order to seek Him more. I  wish I didn’t crave the things of this world. But I have a problem. There is a war going on inside. I cannot figure out how to manipulate God to give me exactly what I want and when I want it. And if I’m going to live … Read More WHAT IS FAITH AND HOW DO I GET IT?


How Can We Hear the Voice of God?

Jesus is the living Word. As you read Scripture, ask God to speak to you…


Will God Change Me?

God has great purpose for you today. Read more…


You Can Know God Personally

My friends, we’ve gotta dig into God’s Word in order to know Him. No longer can we survive with a watered down, mixed up, homemade remedy that some have strewn together on their own. Read more…


I Want More!

  As I stand in our driveway nonchalantly watching as my son swings nearby, I can’t help but notice my neighbor pull into the driveway in a brand spankin’ new car. It’s white and sparkling, not a dent anywhere. I can only imagine the clean smell emanating as you enter the door. No french fries smashed on the seat. No 10-day old juice boxes … Read More I Want More!

How to Experience More of God

Check out my guest blog today over at I know many of us say we want to experience more of God in our lives, but what are we actually doing about it? Are we being proactive in our pursuit of God? Read more by clicking HERE.


Will you choose Jesus today?

I am in the middle of teaching a Bible study to the women at my church. We are studying the life of two sisters named Mary and Martha. One thing I have learned over the years is that whatever I am about to teach…God is going to make sure that I have learned the lesson personally as well. I actually love that! But, to … Read More Will you choose Jesus today?


When we Struggle to Believe

But here today, Jesus is still present. He is calling on us to believe.


Is Temptation a Good Thing?

A temptation becomes sin when we surrender to our own evil desires. Unless it is enticing, it has no pull.

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