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Day 35 – The Graduation Speech

Today we read Paul’s final benediction to the somewhat unpredictable Corinthian church. His closing remarks in 2 Cor. 13:11-14 remind me of ones you might hear at a graduation ceremony. Poignant. Succinct. Meaningful. If you recall over the past few chapters, Paul has addressed…


Do you have people in your life that spur you on, lift you up, and help make you a better version of you?

Day 7 – What Every Church Leader Should Know

Have you been hurt by the church? Is your church healthy? 5 ways you can know…

You Can Know God Personally

My friends, we’ve gotta dig into God’s Word in order to know Him. No longer can we survive with a watered down, mixed up, homemade remedy that some have strewn together on their own. Read more…

How do you handle your sin?

We are wired to try harder. Accomplishing the impossible makes us feel good. We like the feeling of being in control.

Are you All In?

Hop on over to my guest blog, “Are you All In?” at Hope you enjoy the reading and are challenged to give God your everything.

Check it Out!

Check out my guest blog today over at LiftUpYourDay titled, “Does God still Heal Today?” I share about my recent mission trip experience to Haiti and how God confronted my struggle with unbelief and doubt. As a team, we witnessed God do greater things than…

A Word for the Christian Huddle

From a former Christian Huddle Junkie, “Life is better on the outside.”

He Said, She Read

What if we believed Him, that His Words were the very Truth.

Are your quiet times quiet?

When we interact with God’s Word, we begin to see unexpected connections. The dot-to-dots of our individual lives become intertwined with Scripture.

3 Reasons to Spend Time in God’s Word

Whew! It has been a humdinger of a week. Many of us have been in a somber mood after the horrific San Bernardino shooting. Personally, the news reportings have been on the forefront of my mind. How then can we get back into the…

3 Things Every Believer Needs to Know

Every once in awhile, I am awestruck at the intricate creativity of God. As I take a glance out my window, I behold the wonder of God. The unfortunate thing…is that I often fail to see. I fail to take a look out the…

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