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Day 7 – What Every Church Leader Should Know

Have you been hurt by the church? Is your church healthy? 5 ways you can know…


No Need to Worry: God is in Control

There come times I need to be reminded that God is sovereign. He’s in control. Of all things. From the beginning to the end. He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him. He has a plan. He has a story to be told. Nothing takes Him by surprise. He has an answer for everything. All things, big and … Read More No Need to Worry: God is in Control



I want to live like Jesus. I hope that I willingly surrender in order to seek Him more. I  wish I didn’t crave the things of this world. But I have a problem. There is a war going on inside. I cannot figure out how to manipulate God to give me exactly what I want and when I want it. And if I’m going to live … Read More WHAT IS FAITH AND HOW DO I GET IT?


How Can We Hear the Voice of God?

Jesus is the living Word. As you read Scripture, ask God to speak to you…


You Can Know God Personally

My friends, we’ve gotta dig into God’s Word in order to know Him. No longer can we survive with a watered down, mixed up, homemade remedy that some have strewn together on their own. Read more…


Do You Find it Difficult to Pray?

What we say. When we say. How we say. This is not the main point here…the point is that we say. Period. That we say prayers to God our heavenly Father and keep in constant communion with Him…


Can I Love God More Than Anything Else?

What lesson can we learn from the book of Job? We can learn that it is possible to love God more than the things of this world!


Jumpstart January with Jesus

I realize that Christmas has come and gone, but yet I find myself lingering. As I pack up the decorations and stack them away, I realize my house feels a bit empty. With no stockings all hung by the chimney with care and the nativity scene out of sight, I desire to cling to the memories in order to remind myself…Jesus is still right here. … Read More Jumpstart January with Jesus

How to Experience More of God

Check out my guest blog today over at I know many of us say we want to experience more of God in our lives, but what are we actually doing about it? Are we being proactive in our pursuit of God? Read more by clicking HERE.


How do we renew our mind?

This week has been filled with broken things. A broken windshield. A leaky kitchen faucet. A car that won’t work. It’s obvious…we live in a broken world. Despite our brokenness, God reveals who He is. We can experience the fullness of God. Read more…

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