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Day 16 – Sunshine in the Rain

Do you know how to truly love? Are you willing to go the extra mile?

How Do We Handle Suffering?

Pain. Suffering. Injustice. Sickness. War. Death. We struggle to wrap our arms around the tragedies of this world. It is a paradox that we live in. How can a loving God allow such deep pain and sorrow? If God cares, why does He seem…

A Tribute To Billy Graham

It was the year 1980. A mom of four, wild and rambunctious boys had come to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior a few months prior. A close friend had invited her to attend a Bible study. And Diann quickly obliged. She…

Will God Change Me?

God has great purpose for you today. Read more…

Is Temptation a Good Thing?

A temptation becomes sin when we surrender to our own evil desires. Unless it is enticing, it has no pull.

Is Jesus your Super Hero?

This story is surprisingly simple, so simple that I wonder if we have a difficult time believing it to be true. The King of Kings born in a manger, coming to save mankind.

Why Does it Feel like Someone is after Me?

There is something good happening when all seems to be failing.

4 Ways to Take Charge of Your Day

I’ve always been a runner. From conflict. From fear. From dread. I rather avoid the hard stuff than to go ahead, and dig in.

Show the Love

We can stay comfortable, surrounded by friends and stacking up toys. We can talk about Jesus in our safe zones. We can memorize Scripture and play it cool. We can faithfully attend church and sing a chorus or two. Or…we can take our faith one step deeper to go & do. If our faith is genuine, it impacts all areas of our lives.

Hey God, Why am I Here?

There is a beauty, a splendor, a brightness about a person who deeply loves God because it becomes evident to everyone around them. The glory of God comes shining through.

Why Does God Command Us to Be Still?

But maybe there’s something bigger going on that we don’t readily see. Maybe we take comfort in our busyness because we don’t want to Just Be.

I’ve got some good news….and some honest truth.

There comes a time when we need someone to give us a word of encouragement. We all encounter some rough patches in our lives. Times when we don’t know how to keep on keeping on. Times when we are unsure what our life journey…

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