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Where Have all the Nice People Gone?

#sueaallen #gratefulness #kindness

Hey Mom, You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

  We drove up to school and as I glanced back through my rear view window, I noticed that his shirt is splattered with ketchup. My son. He loves ketchup. Red. Messy gunk. Smeared everywhere. It is considered a household staple. We eat it…

If You Don’t Know What to Do, What Do You Do?

God allows our little worlds to be rocked so we are reminded that we need Him. We do

15 Things You Must Pray for Your Kiddos

As a parent, we make sure our kids are eating healthy.Participating in sports. Taking band lessons. Getting plenty of sleep. But what about remembering to pray for our kids?

Why Parenting is a Job

Although you cannot see everything they do, you can trust the One who does.

Who Do You Trust?

I wonder how often we hold back from God out of fear. F.E.A.R. It can cause us to withdraw into our own little worlds

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