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Will God Change Me?

God has great purpose for you today. Read more…


The Best Way to Live a Life that Matters

Simplifying life doesn’t have to be complicated. It simply means living a more-balanced life…


How Do We Get Back on Track?

Continuation of #mystory, “What are You Hoping For?”… Sure, make no mistake, it felt good to be home, despite the sawdust and messiness all around me. There is something within me that likes the feeling of home. Kids outside playing. Dog constantly barking. Mail and paperwork overflowing….into my workspace and onto the floor. The pleasantries of home life abounding…right? But regardless of the mess … Read More How Do We Get Back on Track?



If we spend all of our time, money, effort and thoughts on the things of this world…well, maybe we are placing our hope in the wrong things. If we are so caught up in today that we cannot fathom anything beyond tomorrow, maybe we need to reconsider what we are living for. Because let’s be honest with one another…this world can be pretty STINKY! … Read More WHAT ARE YOU HOPING FOR?

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