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I want to live like Jesus. I hope that I willingly surrender in order to seek Him more. I  wish I didn’t crave the things of this world. But I have a problem. There is a war going on inside. I cannot figure out how to manipulate God to give me exactly what I want and when I want it. And if I’m going to live … Read More WHAT IS FAITH AND HOW DO I GET IT?


Jumpstart January with Jesus

I realize that Christmas has come and gone, but yet I find myself lingering. As I pack up the decorations and stack them away, I realize my house feels a bit empty. With no stockings all hung by the chimney with care and the nativity scene out of sight, I desire to cling to the memories in order to remind myself…Jesus is still right here. … Read More Jumpstart January with Jesus


How do we renew our mind?

This week has been filled with broken things. A broken windshield. A leaky kitchen faucet. A car that won’t work. It’s obvious…we live in a broken world. Despite our brokenness, God reveals who He is. We can experience the fullness of God. Read more…


Who says “Quiet Time” has to be quiet?

I have to admit, I can be pretty set in my ways. Recently, God showed me that I need to be more open minded about my daily quiet time. It doesn’t need to be at a set time, in a certain location, or even look like everyone else’s. My time with God can happen all day long…even in the midst of my chaos.


When we Struggle to Believe

But here today, Jesus is still present. He is calling on us to believe.

Are you All In?

Hop on over to my guest blog, “Are you All In?” at Hope you enjoy the reading and are challenged to give God your everything.


New Bible Study this Fall!

Hi ATX friends, I am excited to announce a new women’s Bible study for the fall! Come join me for The Good Portion: Mary and Martha, a 6-week study peering into the theology of two sisters. As women, many of us quickly relate to Martha, wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We find ourselves wrestling with busyness, inadequacy, resentment, and comparison. … Read More New Bible Study this Fall!


Where is your Hope?

It has been an especially long summer. I found myself waiting and longing to take a much-needed family vacation. My longings grew as I scrolled through pictures on Facebook and Instagram of friends and family, jealously wishing I could be where they are. On the beach. In the mountains. Anywhere but home. I found myself wrestling repeatedly with discontentment. I wanted what someone else … Read More Where is your Hope?


Are you Feeling Lost in the Wilderness?

And here’s where this crazy, mixed-up story takes a twisted turn to you. I know some of you out there are on some kind of journey.


Why Does God Command Us to Be Still?

But maybe there’s something bigger going on that we don’t readily see. Maybe we take comfort in our busyness because we don’t want to Just Be.


I’ve got some good news….and some honest truth.

There comes a time when we need someone to give us a word of encouragement. We all encounter some rough patches in our lives. Times when we don’t know how to keep on keeping on. Times when we are unsure what our life journey is all about. So…thank you. Thank you for writing letters of encouragement, sending personal emails to share what God is … Read More I’ve got some good news….and some honest truth.


He Said, She Read

What if we believed Him, that His Words were the very Truth.

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