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Day 32 – All For Your Upbuilding, Beloved

Have we lost this in the church today? A sense of deep community where we are invested in the lives of others over the long-haul. Have we lost this in our community? A desire to know others so that they can know God. Have we lost this in our own families? A passion to see others pursue God with all of their heart, strength, and soul. 

When We Are Spiritually Stuck

Maybe you find yourself in an invisible stuck place today, unable to make space for God to penetrate the deep recesses of your soul…

How to Live a Better Day

Paul gently reminds us that our problems are light and momentary. And when we look beyond our circumstances by fixing our eyes on heaven, we see what really matters.

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I think many of us wonder why God isn’t doing anything in our lives…and maybe, just maybe…it’s because we are saying “No” to the things God is asking us to do.

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