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taking one in as our own

Who Do You Trust?

I wonder how often we hold back from God out of fear. F.E.A.R. It can cause us to withdraw into our own little worlds


As parents, we are all on the same team. Trying to raise conscientious, courteous and well-rounded kiddos. However, not every day looks entirely picture perfect (and unfortunately, I am having one of those days). So here is my gift of wishes to you, my…

My Adoption Journey

I wanted to share about my adoption journey, as written by my church @AustinStone. I want others to know that inwardly it was a struggle for me to listen and obey. I fought adoption for several months while my husband patiently waited and prayed….

Candid Adoption Questions

Do you love him as much as your other children?

YES! Are you kidding me…God just opens up this space in your heart and makes more room. It really is unexplainable.

Event to benefit Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach – | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports

Event to benefit Dell Children’s Medical Global Outreach – | KTBC Fox 7 | News, Weather, Sports. After going through the arduous adoption process from Haiti, my eyes were opened to the severe poverty and hopelessness affecting this country. My husband and I…

Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas! May you feel the presence of our holy Savior today…wherever you are. Regardless of your current circumstances, may you revel in the glory of Jesus for the work He has done on your behalf. Giving up the splendors of heaven, He came…

Home & Well

Guest Blog from Three Angel’s Children’s Relief: The Mayor Goes Home (p.s. Sorry for the spacing…I can’t figure it out. Urgh.) October 15, 2014 THE MAYOR GOES HOME Comerson, Dad and Mom Comerson, the very first child admitted to Three Angels orphanage when we…

“Orphan” to “Child of Mine”

I can’t help it…gotta blog a bit about adoption this week since I am soaking right in the middle of it. As I sit here on the patio of the guesthouse of the @ThreeAngels orphanage, I decided to take a few minutes to ponder…

So Ready

I am on a plane right now…at the beginning of our journey to bring our adopted son home from Haiti. And I cannot even begin to explain to you the ball of emotions I am feeling. There is piece of me that is…

Going to Haiti

Once again, Haiti here we come! We received our final adoption consent today and are booking our flights tonight. We should arrive in Haiti next Thursday, October 9th. Feeling so blessed to finally be able to go! Thank you Lord for answering our prayers….

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