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  1. The whole bible is a love story of how God so loves us. He never gives up on us. He constantly goes above and beyond to bring us close to him. In all our sinful ways, He knew we wouldn’t change, that sin would always be at our door. He so loved us He sent his only begotten son to become the sins that we are and die so we can be forgiven of those sins and live with Him in the heavenly places.
    What a love that is. It’s unconditional. It’s beyond our imagination, unfathomable.
    In our deepest feeling of what we call love, God’s love for us is so much more.
    It is a blessing to know Him, I mean really know him. To have a relationship with him, to know how he speaks to me and reveals things to me. All I have been through in my life has truly been for his glory. He has shown me how he has saved me. How he has put a hedge around me. How when things were bad, they could’ve been worse. I should be dead, but He has opened my eyes to see him in all things. He has revealed himself to me. Because I couldn’t do it on my own and so I cried out to him and he heard me. He knew the very minute in which I would call his name and he was waiting with arms wide open. I believe (because he showed me) Jesus baptized me himself with the Holy Spirit, and I will live to tell of what he has done.
    Our testimony is proof He lives. The things he continues to do for us we must give it all to him. We are nothing without him. He sustains us, gives us the very breath we breath. We must stay in our word, reveal his truths to others. So many live as though they know him, but are deceived. Their eyes are not wide open but live lies, things they think they know that have been handed down from generation to generation. Things taught that are not biblical. Man’s doctrine, not God’s.
    Like “easter” the bible clearly states Jesus was crucified, died and buried on the 14th of Nissan (March) and rose 3 days and 3 nights later (on sabbath a Saturday.) But every year his Resurrection is celebrated on a different day and a Friday crucifixion and Sunday Resurrection.
    There is a lot of things man teaches in our church buildings that are not biblical.
    I pray for mankind, for those who deceive, for those who don’t believe, the poor, the followers, the believer. I pray God’s love will have mercy and his grace, his blood will cover us. For we are an unworthy bunch and we deserve death. Bless you Father for your patience with us. You love us so and we love you less. It breaks my heart, I can’t imagine what it does to yours.
    But you know the end, you know what is to come, you are All in All, bless you Sweet Jesus, bless you and have mercy on our souls

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