To homeschool or not to homeschool? Dine-in or Eat out? These aren’t exactly the questions I️ thought I’d be forced to face during Spring Break. And whether this is your current quandary or not, I️  know that we are all in this together. Every tongue, tribe, and nation…we are charting into the unknown. But I️ confess, I️ don’t like where we are headed for the time being…because time seems to be standing still.

I️ Feel a Tantrum Coming On…

I️ thought I️ was just fine. I was comfortable. I️ was safe. My surroundings were known. And suddenly, I️ am being thrown into unchartered territory that doesn’t feel safe & warm.

And if I️’m completely honest,

I️ don’t like it!

Can I️ hear an “Amen?

I️ know yesterday that I️ was beginning to feel “snappy” towards my 8-year-old son Comerson and edgy about all of the overwhelming circumstances going on all around. It was at that moment that Comerson said, “Aren’t we going to watch church today?” We had told him that we would watch church online (since it was canceled due to the COVID19 outbreak)…but it was now dinner time and we still hadn’t. So, we turned it on and sat on the couch as a family and watched Pastor Brad preach.

I️ remember feeling convicted as I️ watched because, unknowingly, I️ was a little mad at God. Yes, I believe God is in control of all of our circumstances and also that He has the power to change the events at any time. However, I️ just want Him to do it right now because I am feeling restless.

I️ ended up confessing my sin to my family and acknowledging that I️ will need help. It’s kind of crazy…God used Comerson, the person I️ was frustrated with, to redirect me and point me back to Jesus. It is only when I️ focus my thoughts on God and what He is doing that I️ feel calm and at peace with all that is going on. We may never know the “Why?”…but we do know the “Who.”

The Power of Confession

I cannot answer the question, “Why is this happening?” but I can direct you to the One who does. God knows exactly what is happening and how it will impact every one of us. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always seem very settling. We are uneasy. Worried. and Anxious. All that to say…I️ get you and I️ wish I️ had answers. Right now, I️ have no idea how we untrained, inadequate people will homeschool the next generation over the next couple of weeks. I have no clue how many will juggle both work and kids-at-home. Furthermore, there are unknowns about a looming recession, businesses being shut-down, not to mention, the possibility of contracting COVID-19. Financially. Emotionally. Socially. Spiritually.

Today we live in unknown times that can take a toll.

There are a lot of unknowns, but this I do know. We cannot answer “Why is this happening?“…but we can answer the “Who should I turn to?

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16

Through the current pandemic, I️ am trusting God to grow all of us in our faith. I️ do believe His promise in Rom. 8:28 that God is working all things, including COVID-19, for His glory and our good. Our current circumstances do not shock or surprise God. He knew this day would come. I️ also believe that God can heal. God is using the coronavirus to reveal our areas of weakness…our humble humanity. And the little pieces where we need His help.

Take a Leap of Trust

I️ can already see good that is coming out of our current crisis…our nation is working together to seek resolutions from opposing party lines (something we haven’t seen in a long time), families are spending more time together, there is less traffic on the roadways, and God is stirring up people around the world to remind us that we need a Rescuer and Savior.

All that to say, I️ confess I have no idea how I️ will navigate the upcoming weeks. The thought of homeschooling makes me restless. Don’t even mention the word “Quarantine.” I️ might lose my mind. I caught Comeson starting the fireplace today and playing with fire. I’m serious when I say I don’t know how we will survive. But y’all…we are in this together. We have each other! The blessedness of community. Let’s reach out when we need help. Be vulnerable and transparent. Be vocal and speak up when we’re having a bad day. You don’t have to suffer alone.

What are you struggling with today? Where do you see God working in your life? How are you getting by?

Prayer: Dear God, I️ confess, I️ need You. You are sufficient and BIG and capable, yet I️ keep trying to do things on my own. Thank you for turning my eyes, and our nation, to You. May many come to know You as their Rescuer and Savior. Amen.