I️ bought an insta-pot yesterday. It seems to be all the rage and this friend sold me on it. I️ mean, she just went on and on and on in abundance about how awesome it is. She claims to use it almost every day and it can cook anything (at least that’s what she said). Saute. Slow cook. Pressure cook. And steam. I’m pretty sure after talking to her that it can also walk my dog.

So, I️ bought one.

And I️ can’t wait to try it out!

Based on her enthusiasm, this gadget is going to change my world.

And then it got me thinking…I️ wonder if I️ get that excited about Jesus. Can others tell that I love Him more than anything? Do I️ talk about Him with total awe & wonder? Am I️ amazed at who He is and what He’s done?

Why Did Jesus Come?

Jesus came to change the world. He came to bring salvation to us, lost & messy people. He came to rescue us. In John 10:10, immediately after Jesus warns that Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy, He gives us an amazing contrast. This picture of who He is…

I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

The Meaning of Abundant Life

Y’all, I️ want that! I️ want abundant life! Webster defines abundant as “having plenty of.” Think about that for a second. It means that you are “full, filled up, content, and you don’t need anymore.” Whoa! It makes me think of Thanksgiving dinner when you’re super stuffed and you don’t have a bit of space for anymore. You’ve undone your top button because you are overflowing and bulging to the brim. Strong’s says it like this, “in all its fullness” meaning “superabundant or superior; by implication, excessive.”

This is the kind of life that we can live! This is what Jesus gives! And as I’m growing in my faith I’m beginning to experience more and more of this abundant, effervescent kind of life (and it’s AWESOME!). And I️ want you to know that you can live it too!

Let’s dig just a bit deeper into this word “abundant”:

Jn 10:10: “I came in order that they [believers] might continuously have life, even that they may continuously have it all-around (4053 /perissós).”

Jesus Should Spill Out All-Around

Not only are we to have continuous life, but we’re to have it all-around. This means “more than” (“abundantly”); beyond what is anticipated, exceeding expectation; “more abundant,” going past the expected limit (“more than enough”). Jesus encompasses every piece of our lives and begins to spill out of us. We can’t contain Him because we are filled to the brim. He splashes out lavishly to everyone we encounter. We can’t help telling others about Him because He has become everything.

I’m pretty sure that Jesus is way better than my insta-pot. My insta-pot can only serve one meal. Jesus can feed me for everlasting.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me live abundantly, feasting on who You are, not on who I️ am. Let it sink deep into my morrow. Fill me today and help me overflow to those that I️  will encounter.