Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

In 1980, Johnny Lee won a Grammy award for the song, “Looking for Love” in which the famous lyrics chide

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,
Lookin’ for love in too many faces”

It’s a song about looking for love…something that we humans constantly are looking for, whether we readily admit to or not. We look for love from our parents, our teachers, our coaches, our friends. Our lovers, our spouses, and of course, our kids. Additionally, we look for love in the things we pursue…like our Instagram likes and Facebook too.

We look for love in the things we eat. For instance, we say, “I love pizza! I love a fine meal! And certainly ribeye! And a glass of red wine.”

Maybe unknowingly, we look for love in the things we do. We search for a feeling of belonging in all that we do. I love to run. And kayak too! I love to hang with friends. Or cheer for UT.

Four Types of Love Defined

Ya know, it’s kinda funny the way we behave. We too, like Johnny Cash, look for love in all sorts of things. Philosophers describe four kinds of love, but as I dig deep, I can see there’s only one that can truly satisfy. We don’t realize that we are searching for love in all the wrong places. We watch Hallmark movies and think eros romantic love is all that we need, or possibly think if we had a BFF, then Philos friendship love would fill our hole. Then there is the storge affection that we have for an old sweater or fond memory. But all the time…the love that truly satisfies is found only in agape love, a love that sacrifices for others.

God is Love

This kind of love goes above and beyond. Agape love loves when you don’t deserve it. There is no expectation of receiving something in return. This sorta love lays it all down in your stead. Agape love is the greatest love that you could ever know. For agape love is God’s love…and continues to give and give and give. Unconditional. Steadfast. And Everlasting. Can you think of anything better?

God’s love is given so that we can know God. This amazing love laid His life down on your behalf. It is sorta hard to put into words…God love loves you when you don’t deserve it. As a result, stop looking for love in the things of this world. God is love. He loves you. Do you know it?