Advent Day 24: Who Can Satisfy Your Every Longing?

I have enjoyed digging into God’s Word with you during December! My prayer is that you discover Jesus is the reason for this season and He alone can satisfy every longing. Not only today…but every day. He gives us purpose and meaning in life. Because of his birth, we have great joy! And I desire nothing more than for you to experience Him, anew and afresh today.

Despite our circumstances, we can have Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace. Because Jesus is eternal, His nature lasts infinitely. In other words, we can experience love, joy, hope, and peace for eternity. His gifts are different than anything this world has to offer. The gifts that the world gives are temporary and fleeting; whereas God’s gifts will never pass away.


His love gives without expecting anything in return. It is unconditional, selfless, sacrificial, and beneficial. No one can love us perfectly as Jesus can. His love is looking out for our best interest. He loved us first so that in return, we can love too. His love causes us to give, without limits or demands.


We can rejoice and be glad because of our salvation. It can never be taken from us. In this world, we will have many struggles, but in the midst of them, we can experience true joy. This joy is not from this world. It comes from having a personal, intimate, one-of-a-kind love for Jesus. It is something that only He can give.


Jesus is our hope and He will not disappoint. The promises in the Bible will come true. We have seen many of the promises already fulfilled, and we can be certain that the remainder will come true. This world is fleeting, but God is eternal. He gives us purpose and meaning to life.


With temporal eyes, we look at the things around us to find comfort and find out that the peace of this world does not satisfy. We wind up feeling anxious, afraid, and inwardly longing for more. But with Jesus, we look to things above. He fills our every longing. We can find peace through Jesus in our struggles. He is here today!

My prayer is that you experience Jesus today to discover He is what you are looking for! He is the greatest gift of all time (Jn. 3:16).