DAY 27 – What Matters Most to You, and Why?

What Matters Most to You, and Why? This is the question that Stanford asks every year as part of their MBA admissions process. In a 750-word essay, the applicant is required to declare their primary objective in life and then demonstrate why their goal is imperative. Flippantly, one may answer a good cup of jo, raising respectful kids, watching the next episode of your favorite show on Netflix, or reaching the pinnacle of retirement.

Think about it for a moment. What would you say?

Determining what matters most to you and why reveals who you are. How you spend your time. What you value. The impact you desire to have in the world. The calling to which you aspire.

You see, it becomes a question that cuts to the core of your heart matter. Not only must you answer what you deem important…but why? Why does this one thing matter more than anything else in the world? It is a question that requires honest self-evaluation, a touch of humility, and peeling back the layers of pride.

Your Aspirations Reveal Your Heart Affections

Read 2 Corinthians 11:5-15. Much like our current culture, the Corinthians were looking for a leader who was powerful, strong, charismatic, funny, or famous. They were looking for someone to follow and emulate. So when tent-making, mediocre speaker Apostle Paul came around…they weren’t impressed. They wanted the bling and the bang. Glitz and glamour. Paparazzi and more.  Sound familiar to anyone?

We desperately need to be people who are following JESUS more than anything or anyone else. The wisdom and power of God are way more impressive than what we can garner from the New-York top-selling book list.

We live in a world where people are looking for answers and desperate to find hope. They are hinging on the edge of their seat looking for satisfaction and joy. Many don’t know why they are here, who they are living for, and what is the meaning of life. They don’t have a clue. They are pleasure-seeking at the moment. Living for the here and now.

What if we lived sharing the HOPE that we have?

Each one of you has been afforded a great opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. We have the answer that this world desperately needs. His name is JESUS. What about sharing him with the friend next door? People are longing to see real people who live out their life story with hope, dedication, authenticity, humility, and faith.

This world needs you.

It needs your story.

And your story needs Jesus more than anything else.

What matters most to you, and why? Is it difficult to tell your story? What holds you back? Are you afraid to tell your narrative?