Day 22 – How Do Money And Joy Go Hand-in-Hand?

Jesus Christ said more about money than about any other single thing because, when it comes to a man’s real nature, money is of first importance. Money is an exact index to a man’s true character. All through Scripture there is an intimate correlation between the development of a man’s character and how he handles his money. – Richard Halverson, Former chaplain U.S. Senate

Why Money Matters

Where we spend our money is a reflection of the interests of our hearts. Because Jesus is after the desires of our heart, our money becomes a “heart matter.” Matt. 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Where is your heart today? What is your primary focus? If one would peer into our checkbooks, it would probably be a tell-all. The money we spend with our hands is a reflection of what we believe about God in our hearts. 

Why Giving Matters

Read 2 Cor. 9:6-15. The promises in this text are astounding!

  • Verse 6: “He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” By putting God in control of our finances, the more we give, the more we get. 
  • Verse 7: “Each one must do as he has made up his mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” God loves happy givers! He loves to see us get excited about His Kingdom work, and become a participator in what He is doing.
  • Verse 8: “God can make all grace abound to you so that by having all sufficiency always in every way, you might abound for every good work.” God supplies our needs so that we can be generous, abundant, and overflowing givers. When we give abundantly, God promises to give us everything for the good works He’s created us to do. Do you see how cool that is? Whatever God has called you to do, He will provide for you beyond measure. You were created to have an eternal, heavenly impact. This kind-of-living is far better than storing up earthly treasure. God has something for you that will bring you joy!
  • Verse 9: “As it is written, ‘He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.” Compassionate giving results in spiritual blessing. If we act as conduits of God’s grace, He will keep the unending supply coming. As we continue to pour out, God will continue to pour in…with a never-ending supply that will continue until we reach eternity. Do you see the good news here? We can never outgive God. His supply is limitless. 
  • Verse 11&12&15: The result of all this incredible giving is thanksgiving to God.
God Loves A Cheerful Giver

The bottom line is: When we give of ourselves we give glory to God. God loves a cheerful giver who splashes out Jesus everywhere they go. As you abundantly pour out to those around you, God promises you will never run dry. God gets the GLORY. We get JOY. There is a direct correlation here…and it is the best way to live. Truly, it is. There are such joy and satisfaction in living your life for Him!

What do you do with your finances? What does money do with you?