Day 12 – What Are You Living For?

What is your purpose in life? It is easy to get caught up in the mundane. The alarm clock blares and you fumble around to hit snooze once again. It’s another day. Begrudgingly, you make your way out of bed. Go through your routine. Race for the door. Will caffeine will do the trick?

What kind of day will it be?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:11-15. How would your actions change if you realized you were appointed by God for the “ministry of reconciliation?” In other words, God chose you to demonstrate and declare His love to the world, and in doing so, you find purpose in life. To be a light. To show His love. Honestly, there is a bit of tension revealed here. Because we don’t always feel like living for Jesus. We much rather live for ourselves.

It becomes a matter of our heart.

And I appreciate that I’m not the only one who bears this struggle. Paul addressed the heart issue of the Corinthians, reminding them to look to the work Jesus performed on the cross. It is the love of Christ that compels us to do good in this world. He holds our motivations together. When our primary goal is to please Him, then everything else falls into place.

The Love of Jesus Compels Us

Think about it: Jesus gave up everything to reconcile us to God. The cost of reconciliation wasn’t easy. Due to our sin, we were separated from God, unable to make amends. We were broken, alienated, isolated, and apart. Our brokenness stood in the way. We could not get close to a holy God. Sin stood in the way. But Jesus…He made a way (see John 14:6). Lowered himself. Became man. Suffered much. Bore our sin upon a cross. Thus, satisfying God’s justice on our behalf (see Hebrews 9:22). He took our sin and shame upon Himself…so that we can live forever.

Ya know, that’s the most amazing thing! Jesus loves us so much! Of course, we should live for Him in return. We must continually remind ourselves of the work on the cross and push the reset button in our minds. Jesus died so you might live. Say it over and over again.

Without the love of Christ compelling us, without our grateful love for Him and His sacrifice, our service will be limp and tired…If we’ve lost our love for Him, we’ve lost everything. —Kelly Minter

Today’s Challenge

Challenge your motivations today. Your heart affections. Your actions and behaviors. If Jesus isn’t dead-center in the middle of it all, then ask Him to change you. Reflect on your purpose in life.

What is keeping you from living out the ministry of reconciliation? Why is it so difficult on a day-to-day basis?