Hey Readers,

I’ve had several of you ask about my lack of blog posting as of late. I haven’t abandoned you! I’ve just been caught up in the whirlwind of busyness. And one thing I have learned over the past sixteen years of ministry is that my family takes priority. As a mom, I am blessed with the God-given calling to bear the title, MOM. My kids need me.

It would be much more glorious to pursue initiatives where I can receive an occasional pat on the back. But truth be told, I’ve probably learned more from swapping up spilled milk and sitting in traffic as I carpool little ones to-and-fro.

There are many lessons that have come from motherhood.

Patience really is a virtue. It is not something that comes naturally and must be cultivated by life’s own challenging circumstances over the course of time. 

I’ve learned that middle-school boys smell like sweat about 98.9% of the time.

Maybe don’t get a dog. Or at least not a puppy. Unless you are ready to say goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes. Besides, as much as your kids promise to feed the dog and walk her regularly…they will fail. There will be some broken promises in the end. But regardless, despite the agony of dog-training…you might end up with a new best friend. 

I’ve learned humility by following after some well-taught advice from a mentoring mom I once had. She told me true JOY is discovered by putting life in proper perspective: Jesus, Others, and then You. 

I realized that when you mess up, you can ask your kids for forgiveness. They have the biggest hearts. Modeling confession and forgiveness goes a long ways.

I’ve seen myself through a different lens…and I haven’t always liked what I see. Selfishness. Pride. A short fuse. Parenting opens your eyes to see where there is still some work to be done in your own life. 

Girl drama is temporary. The season will pass. And you will enjoy reliving memories later on.

Make home your safe place for your kiddos to be real…and to know that regardless of what happens, they will be loved.

Don’t neglect your relationship with your spouse. He is important too! Date nights are necessary to nurture intimacy. You will be glad in the long run.

God always comes first. Pursue Him with all of your heart, soul, and mind and everything else will fall into place. 

I promise I will be back soon! If you’re looking for more…may I point you HERE to my latest guest blog at Lift Up Your Day, “Why is Confession Important?”


Your friend on the journey,

Sue A. Allen

What lessons have you learned from parenting?

3 Comments on “10 Must-Read Lessons from Motherhood

  1. Great Sue! I love how you really write from the heart. 🙂 Your words always seem to resonate with me. Hope you have a fun filled week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tween girl drama is temporary? I think you’re right about that, and yes, I needed to hear the reminder.

    About the middleschool boy smell? Mine’s in hockey. LOL I bought him a deodorant when he hit double digits. That was almost 3 years ago. He still has it half full.



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