Hey Mom, You Don’t Have to be Perfect!

Hey mom! Do you think you have to be perfect? Live up to a certain standard? Keep up with the mom next door?

A Mom Story

We drove up to school and as I glanced back through my rearview window, I noticed that his shirt is splattered with ketchup. My son. He loves ketchup. Red. Messy gunk. Smeared everywhere. After all, it is a household staple.

We eat it at breakfast.

We eat it at lunch.

And for afternoon snack time.

I hope it is considered a vegetable. When we walk into Chikfila, they know us. They know my son wants 10 packs of ketchup and water. I know…it’s weird.

Thus, I๏ธ had a decision to make. Either turn around, head towards home, and get him a change of clothes. Of course, that would make everyone tardy. Or, he could go to school with a splattered red shirt.

I chose the splattered red shirt. After all, I am a mother of four. And no longer am I concerned that I won’t win the “Mother of the Year” award. It was a far-fetched idea from the onset. I’m okay that my kid’s socks don’t match and pants are worn backward occasionally and shoes are tied in a tangled mess of knots. Teeth aren’t always brushed in the morning and their hair can be sorta snarly…but at least they know they are loved.

Let Your Kids Know They Are Loved

I apologize to the teachers of my kids in advance. They don’t always wear deodorant and smell like lilacs. They may even be missing a button. But today’s blog isn’t for teachers (who I do adore by the way)…it is for my mom friends who need to know they don’t have to be perfect.

Enjoy Your Kids

Kids can be kids and we can enjoy them. Our houses don’t have to always be tidy. We can find smeared jelly under the couch cushion and smile because some little body calls this place home.

Kids are a Gift from God

God has entrusted us with these little people who grow up way too fast and suddenly look more like giants.

But I am not ashamed, for I know whom I have believed, and I am convinced that he is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to me. 2 Timothy 1:12

Enjoy your kiddos today.

Give them a hug.

God has entrusted them to you with great purpose.

Do you think you have to be perfect? What lesson has God recently taught you through your kids?