Will you Live a Better Story?

All of us have faced difficulty, pain, and struggles in life. Things have not always turned out as planned. When our plans are thwarted and our rights are violated, it is tempting to become frustrated, discouraged, or downright mad. We typically place an expectation on how we think things should turn out. But what if we choose to live a better story? What would happen then?

Live Your Story

Life doesn’t always seem fair.

Nor does it go as we like.

If our anger goes unchecked, a root of bitterness and resentment will grow. A seed of discontentment can cause us to blame God for the lives that we are living in. We can be discontent about absolutely anything. Our wrinkles and blemishes and hair that is turning gray. Clothes that no longer will button. A house is old and falling apart. Kids do not listen. Husbands who work too much, while we toil over laundry and dishes.

Choose the Higher Road

Anger is our emotional response when our boundaries are threatened. We feel our rights are being violated. We think we deserve better.

For example, I was at a concert with my family a few months ago. It was a birthday gift to my husband and I had made these fabulous plans. We would go out to dinner and then mosey on over to the music venue. It was hot outside and we had planned accordingly, making sure we had water on hand and sunscreen excessively lathered. When the band started playing, people started pressing in. I didn’t realize they would be squeezing in on my personal space. And I never imagined a stranger would be standing shoulder to shoulder with my husband while I stood on my tippy toes to catch a view of the stage. I felt this ugly emotion called anger come surfacing to the top when I became further separated from my family. After all, I thought this night was to be my night to remember, not someone else’s.

Lay Down Your Rights

We think we have rights. We place expectations on ourselves, as well as, on others. Throughout our lives, we will face crucifixion moments. A decision will have to be made.

Will we fight for our rights or will we surrender it all?

The truth of the matter is this (and I hope this will set you free)…life isn’t fair at all; we all deserve the death penalty. According to Romans 3:23, “The wages of sin is death.” It’s only by the grace of God, that we have been given life. May this truth resonate deep within us so that we can be overcomers. The troubles. The sorrows. The heartaches are but for a mere time. We have an eternal hope to fix our eyes upon.

And this is the promise that he made to us—eternal life.” 1 John 2:25

What if we decided to live a better story? Give up our rights to find true freedom? What if we forgive the unpardonable and love the unlovable? Have fewer expectations? Would our surrounding world be changed?