What’s in Your Way?

It is easy to make excuses to avoid God. However, recently the Holy Spirit convicted me that my excuses get in the way of my pursuit of God. We celebrated our two-year “GOTCHA” day with our son Comerson this past weekend. We decided it would be fun to do something with him that he’s never done. So, we went and bought a pinata, stuffed it with candy, and let him go to town.

Comerson Gotcha Day
The adoption of a little boy is celebrated on Gotcha Day with his forever family.

As I reflect on the past two years, joy and laughter have been abundant. We routinely have dance parties and impromptu soccer games. Things I had long forgotten about. But I have to admit, that it’s not all been easy. We’ve had plenty of rough patches too. We struggle almost every night to put our son to the bed. It is typically a 1 1/2 hour ordeal. It is exhausting and taxing. I’m ready to try something new.

What Excuse Gets in the Way of My Pursuit of God?


Things that get in our way.

Preventing us to do what we want to do.

I wonder what is in your way today. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing on your mind? As you rush to run out the door, what thoughts are racing? What fears? Worries? Concerns do you have? What excuse did you make to avoid God?

If I had my way, my life would be orderly. I would be able to find things right where I left them. My dream closet would look like the Container Store. I would have cute baskets for bracelets and shelves for shoes. My necklaces would not be all tied in knots, nor my earrings eerily missing.

Accept that Things Don’t Have to Go As Planned

But due to little people in my house (and some big people too), my life doesn’t always go as I planned. Things don’t always go as I want. Add to my chaos, a puppy named Luna. She is deviously plotting my demise. She recently devoured my favorite pair of shoes and put a hole in the wall when chasing for a toy. I’m not sure she likes me. She always seems to be secretly undermining behind my back.

Life seems much calmer when everything turns out according to plan. When little people and husbands do things my way. Why I even like control of the traffic signals and strangers to yield the right of way. I like it when my team controls the football game and my husband gets a raise and when my kids don’t argue back. Being completely honest here, I like it when everything is okay.

God Uses People & Circumstances to Accomplish His Soul Work

But God uses people and circumstances to reveal this thing called flesh. It’s not the prettiest sight. When things in our world start falling apart, this thing called flesh comes boiling to the top. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look or smell very nice.

We must constantly remind ourselves that this life is a fight. It is a fight to choose what is right.

I will meditate on your precepts
    and fix my eyes on your ways.”

Psalm 119:15

Stop making excuses to avoid God. What suggestions do you have for fixing your eyes on Jesus, especially when the going gets tough?