Who Says “Quiet Time” Has To Be Quiet?

Do you struggle to have a quiet time? Does it seem like there are a bunch of rules as to when and how? And as a result, you feel like you fail?

When Our Quiet Time is Hard

When I was single, I would wake up early and have a quiet time…just me and the Lord. I would read my Bible and pray, setting aside this specific time. It was predictable. Manageable. I knew it would get done. Now, I find myself asking…What in the world happened here?

A snoring husband.

Four kids.

A puppy squirming with delight.

My morning quiet time is rarely quiet. Or alone. As I find myself darting out the door.

Yesterday, I determined I would wake up earlier than usual to have some time to myself. I was relishing the thought of Jesus and me hanging out. But before my alarm clock sounded, I heard little footsteps approaching my door. Our four-year-old was awake and wasn’t about to sit still.

I found myself feeling frustrated.ย Why does it have to be this way? I try to manipulate and manage away, when instead Jesus gently reminds me, “I’m always here.”ย 

Give Grace To YourSelf

Spending time with Jesus can take place while stirring oatmeal and taking the dog for a walk. It can happen when I’m folding clothes and picking up dirty socks. I can listen to God’s Word in my car and have my kiddos listen along. Worship songs can be rocked out in the carpool line. And prayers can be said all day long.

I’m discovering that grace abounds, even when I can’t be all alone. When I struggle to have a quiet time, Jesus becomes my focal point. Jesus is my advocate and the propitiation for my sins. He is a bright shining light, who has conquered death once and for all. Thank you, Jesus, for listening, even when my world is falling apart.

We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.” 1 John 2:1

We often meet God in our unpredictable paths. Just keep your eyes and ears open.

How are you abiding with Jesus amid your chaos? Remember, grant yourself grace when you struggle to have a quiet time. God can hear you all day long.