Boy, That was Stupid!

I know I’ve been a bit absent as of late. My blogs have become fewer and far between.

Yes, it’s summer. Yes, I’ve been spending more time with my kids. But last week was a tad more unique. I haven’t been galavanting around the country. Vacation hasn’t yet knocked on my door. And I know that some of you are making me quite jealous as I view your pics from around the world.

However, I returned at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning from a short-term missions trip to Haiti. Stay tuned…more posts to come. Today I want to tell you a story of something different. One of my most embarrassing experiences that I’m afraid I will never live down.

I was weary and tired, as were all of my teammates. We worked tirelessly throughout the week. Some teaching VBS. Others building a house. All of us wholeheartedly volunteering to work.


We fed hundreds of hungry mouths at the MyLifeSpeaks‘ feeding program and rocked several babies to sleep. We taught the elderly how to hold a crayon and recite the beginning of the alphabet. A few worked in the medical clinic, fervently treating the sick. We prayed. We played. We did it all. Now it was time to return to the place we call home.

My team, we loved it. Despite the long days and short nights. We could not get enough of this simpler way. We are hoping to take what we learned back home, changing our viewpoint of what’s really important in life.

Then our week ended and it was time to head home. We boarded a very late flight. I held my son in my arms as we boarded and watched him drift off night-night.


My head nodded as well. I mean, how could it not? I was a weary wreck. I tried to stay awake by watching a movie, but no way, this mama needed her sleep.

And then, unknown to me, I awoke to a noise. I heard a voice holler from the rear of the plane. “She’s choking! She’s choking!” So I stood up and yelled, “Coby [my emergency room doctor husband], do something! A woman is choking. See there! At the back of the plane!”

He stood up. As did several others. Everyone looking around. The flight attendant rushing to be by my side.

But there was no one choking to be found. Utter silence overtook the awakened crowd.

Then someone quietly whispered to me, “Sue, I think what you heard was from the t.v….the movie scene just displayed someone choking.”

Laughter erupted like Mount St. Helen’s. Except I was the brunt of the outroar. I couldn’t help it. I joined them. It was pretty funny. To think I thought the movie was so real.

I supposed I needed some reminding, as all of us sometimes do…we can be pretty stupid at times, which is okay by the way…but God has everything under control.

What is your most embarrassing moment? Has it taught you anything about yourself?